WordCamp Kent 2018

WordCamp Kent is just around the corner now! (June 9-10) If you happen to know me in person, you know I’ve been knee-deep in planning for this event for almost a year now. WordCamps are designed to teach people about WordPress and its capabilities, get an understanding for the open […]

Debugging .gitignore

Photo by Austin Ban via Unsplash

Here are my favorite (most frequently used) resources for debugging .gitignore files: I found this resource on a random hunch that there would be some way to audit or trace back ignored files to see which rule in particular was causing the file to be ignored. After searching for a […]

Advice For My Past Self

Photo by Jesse Bowser via Unsplash

Deeply caring about something is sometimes a choice. Be precise, confident, and persistent and you will be heard. Eat the frog. Offer to do the thing no one else wants to do, but make sure it even needs to be done. Reduce others’ workload as often as possible. Offer help […]

How to Write Technical Instructions

Photo by Glenn Carstens-Peters via Unsplash

Recently, I was searching for a good resource on how to write technical instructions. What I was searching for was simple pointers on technical language including: Tense Voice Length Sentence Structures Complexity of Words Everything I found when Googling “writing technical instructions,” or “how to write clear instructions,”  was long […]