5 Unique Ways to Use WordPress

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A lot of non-developers and developers unfamiliar with WordPress see it as just a blogging platform, or just a basic Content Management System. They think of WordPress as a way to organize posts, media, and pages. But with all the functionality behind Custom Fields, Custom Post Types, and Taxonomies, you can make virtually any site a WordPress site.

  1. For an Events Site
  2. The Events Calendar by Modern Tribe

    The fastest and easiest way to add events to your site is by using The Events Calendar plugin by Modern Tribe. It uses Custom Post Types and Taxonomies to create a versatile event calendar with a calendar/list view, Google maps, reusable venues and organizers, and categories.

  3. For a Workout Diary
  4. WPMU DEV always comes up with great ways to use WordPress to make our daily lives easier. Since we are all working towards our New Year’s goals, here is the WordPress Workout Diary Tutorial. It uses Custom Post Types and a plugin called Advanced Custom Fields, which is similar to the Simple Fields plugin that harnesses the Custom Fields built into WordPress.

  5. For an eCommerce Site
  6. WooCommerce Screenshot

    Using WooCommerce makes eCommerce websites on WordPress simple to set up and use. It’s a widely used plugin that uses Custom Post Types with Custom Fields and Taxonomies for products.

  7. For a Membership-Based Site
  8. WishList Member allows you to manager user roles/capabilities easily and block non-members from accessing protected content. You can also create levels so that members can have upgraded accounts with more access.

  9. For a Training/Online Learning System
  10. CoursePress Pro Screenshot

    Another type of content you can use WordPress to control is training or courses. Using WPMU DEV’s CoursePress Pro, you can create a really intricate online learning tool. The interface is great for course content creators and users alike.