My Name is Changing Wednesday!

I’m reinventing myself as my original self on Wednesday. The last 11 months have been a wild ride. One where I’ve learned a lot. I learned a lot about those around me, their capacity for supporting me, about Ohio dissolution law (and about interesting tangentially-related laws that seem decades behind where they should be), how to maintain my house/yard better, how to properly budget (actually living within means, splitting large costs into smaller payments, better spreadsheets). I’ve gotten extremely self-sufficient.

I’m writing this knowing that his family and friends could potentially see it, but I just wanted to put it out there that my name is going to be changing and hopefully everything will be settled on Wednesday from 1-2pm. This is a positive change for me and has sparked other positive changes like my adjustments on spending, going to counseling regularly (every few weeks), and some more autonomy. (I’ve even picked up water color painting, watch repairing, and started learning piano.) The year or year and a half leading up to September 2017, I learned a lot about myself, my values, and my interests (and which were shaped by society or family/friends). Now the time has finally come to become who I am.