When is wpautop() going to grow up?

wpautop $pee_* and $tinkle

Every time I look at this function, I wonder when someone will rename the argument $pee and the variables $pee_* and $tinkle.

The Code Refactoring section in the Contributor Handbook suggests not to focus on style fixes, but I’m not sure if renaming variables is considered refactoring in terms of WordPress.

“[Refactoring tickets] such as suggestions to rename long-standing functions or conform to more-recently established coding standards. Meanwhile, plenty of tasks are far more worthy of effort.”
– https://make.wordpress.org/core/handbook/contribute/code-refactoring/

foreach ( $pees as $tinkle ) {

$pee .= '' . trim($tinkle, "\n") . "\n";


Maybe this function falls under the same category as the capital_P_dangit() function in terms of being a part of the WP culture, but I think $pee and $tinkle are unnecessary. I’d gladly dedicate my time to doing that search & replace!