My Year in Numbers – 2018

Every year for the past 3 years, I’ve tracked my goals on a spreadsheet. This is my first time sharing specifics from the spreadsheet. I’m creating more specific goals for 2019, though (for example, my reading goals aren’t just tied to a total number of books, but types of reading).

35 Blog Posts (goal was 25)

23 Books Read (goal was 15) – I wasn’t expecting to surpass this one by much. I attribute it to listening to Reading Glasses podcast and being more inspired to read! – Check back for my upcoming post, “My Year In Books – 2018.”

4 WordPress Trac Tickets Opened – The goal is to start contributing/submitting patches in 2019. I’m getting familiar with trac, though.

14 Teaching Sessions/Meetups/Talks (1 WordCamp talk)

2 Published Articles (The Compass Magazine, Travel Insider Report)

560.23% Increase in Blog Views Per Month (from 88.55/mo average in 2017 to 584.58/mo average in 2018) – This one I was not expecting at all and wasn’t even going to track until I had 3 months that exceeded 1,000 visits.

2019 Goals

25 Blog Posts

20 Books Read

3 Trac Tickets Contributed To

2 Published Articles

More specific goals will come out in future posts! (For example, my specific reading goals will be in “My Year in Books – 2018.”)