Apply to Speak at WordCamp Kent 2019

The Call for Sponsors and Call for Speakers for WordCamp Kent 2019 are both live! Call for Speakers closes on April 15 at 11pm EDT. The Call for Sponsors will be open indefinitely. 🙂

WordCamp Kent, OH will be held at the same venue as the last 3 years – the Kent State University Hotel and Conference Center, June 15-16th, 2019. (Please Note: This is Father’s Day weekend!)

If you have never spoken at an event before and are looking to get started, this is the perfect opportunity for you! Our community is very welcoming and we’d love to help you along the way. We would love to be the first WordCamp you speak at!

Topic Ideas:

  • How the WordPress Community Has Helped You
  • How to Find Reputable Plugins/Themes
  • A Case Study on a Project You’re Proud Of
  • How You Solved a Difficult Client Issue
  • Building a Marketing Plan
  • Beating Writer’s Block
  • Budgeting for Your WordPress Site
  • Finding and Keeping Clients
  • A Deep-Dive Into a Specific Tool You’re Passionate About (Yoast, Google Analytics, Gutenberg Development, A make.wordpress Team)
  • What You Wished You Knew When You Started Using WordPress
  • 10 Things WordPress Could Do Better
  • Overview of the Teams That Make WordPress
  • Your Career Path in [Tech/SEO/Marketing/Design]
  • Impostor Syndrome

Contact us via the contact form on the site if you want to bounce ideas off us before submitting. Also, we can proof slides, let you do a practice run (similar setup at another location), etc.

Please Note: Our community supports a welcoming and safe environment for all. All attendees, especially those representing the community through speaking or sponsoring must comply with our Code of Conduct. Please review the Code of Conduct for more info.