Issues with GitHub App Launching Off-Screen (Windows 10)

My Setup

I have a high DPI laptop with a small screen (specs), running Windows 10. I connect to a dock at work with a monitor, and a monitor at home via Mini DisplayPort to VGA.

I keep running into an issue where the GitHub client application will show as off screen. Even when I kill the program in task manager and relaunch, it still launches off-screen. I’ll disconnect from all monitors, and I tried a variety of things. Including changing my screen resolution, using Windows + arrow keys to snap it to the corners/sides of the display, cascading my windows, etc.

Finally, the thing that did the trick was in the FAQ on the article I was using to troubleshoot:

Most applications will stop doing this if you properly exit out of the application while it is on the screen. If you have already properly exited the application, you might need to uninstall and reinstallΒ it.

Otherwise, you can try right-clicking the icon for the application, then choosing β€œPropertiesβ€œ. Under the β€œShortcut” tab, change the β€œRun” setting to β€œMaximizedβ€œ, then select β€œOKβ€œ.

Technipages article by

GitHub Desktop Properties (Windows 10)
GitHub Desktop Properties (Windows 10)

I had to change GitHub Desktop to launch maximized. It seems to be the only program I have this issue with, so I thought I’d share in case anyone happens to be searching for this issue specific to GitHub.

GitHub Desktop - Launch Maximized (Windows 10)
GitHub Desktop – Launch Maximized (Windows 10)