manage_edit-post_columns vs manage_post_posts_columns

What is the difference between manage_edit-post_columns and manage_post_posts_columns? In WP 3.1, manage_edit-{$post_type}_columns has been supplanted by manage_{$post_type}_posts_columns. – manage_edit-post_type_columns in WordPress Codex Helpful Resources

Where to Keep up on WordPress News

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If you are getting started with WordPress or just starting to get involved, here are a few resources for WordPress news: Blog (Recorded Sessions from WordCamps) WP Tavern WordPress Weekly Podcast (From the Makers of WP Tavern, Hosted by Jeff Chandler) WP Roundtable Podcast (Hosted by Kyle Maurer) The […]

4 Podcasts I Love

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So I initially wanted to name this post, “My Favorite Podcasts,” but I thought that was a little unfair to the future podcasts I will discover. These are the podcasts that I love enough I would (or have) binged. The topics are really random, but I’ll explain why I love […]