Swimming 24,000 Yards for Mental Health

Photo of someone doing an open water swim (not me!) Photo from Unsplash by Todd Quackenbush

Update Post

In the days leading up to the second-ever WordFest Live, I am swimming 24,000 yards (~13.64 miles) to raise money and awareness for mental health and Big Orange Heart.

Big Orange Heart is a mental health charity supporting remote workers. They offer coaching and mentoring calls, peer to peer support, webinars, and are the amazing folks behind WordFest Live. My goal is to raise $1,000 for the charity! Please consider supporting me in this effort. 🙂


The best place to get updates on my progress is this Twitter thread. But if you aren’t on Twitter or prefer not to be, I’ll be posting public updates to my Facebook as well. Due to being a woman on the internet, I might not post many pictures but will definitely post an update after each swim. (Maybe I’ll get someone to take a video at some point, too!)

And you can always check out what other participants are doing by following the #24kStepsToMentalHealth hashtag. – Michelle Frechette is doing a cool artwork fundraiser!


If you’re interested in participating yourself, it’s not too late!